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Active Listening

Listening and Asking Clarifying Questions  presentation-icon 24px.png .ppt
A presentation that describes the importance of listening and asking clarifying questions in collaborative teaming settings and uses role playing to demonstrate the ability to use the skills of listening and asking clarifying questions.

Escuchando y Clarificando Preguntas  presentation-icon 24px.png .ppt
Una presentación que describe la importancia de escuchar y hacer preguntas aclaratorias en entornos colaborativos teaming y utiliza juegos de rol para demostrar la capacidad de utilizar las habilidades de escuchar y preguntar preguntas aclaratorias. Enlace a los recursos: http://www.familieslead.org/documents/Escuchando.ppt

Effective Listening Skills  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png  web
A presentation on the definition of active listening and 10 skills needed to demonstrate that active listening is occurring.

Listening Awareness Inventory  Oficina-PDF-icon 24px.png .pdf
A short questionnaire developed to help determine an individual’s listening style.

Skills Cheat Sheet  Oficina-PDF-icon 24px.png .pdf
A two page factsheet that describes and gives examples for each skill associated with active listening.