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Tools to help Manage Your Time

Time Management: Assess Your Behavior  Oficina-DOC-icon 24px.png .doc
A tool to help you assess your current time management behaviors and determine what areas you need to work on.

Time Management: Energy Graph  Oficina-DOC-icon 24px.png  .doc
A tool to document your energy levels throughout the day. Knowing your high and low energy levels will help you structure your day to get the most out of your energy.

Time Management: Setting Goals  Oficina-DOC-icon 24px.png  .doc
Goal setting is crucial to effective time and life management. This easy tool walks you through setting up one goal for taking care of yourself.

Time Management: Daily To Do List   Oficina-DOC-icon 24px.png  .doc
A simple format for use as a To Do List.

Attack of Technology Time Suckers  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png  web  
A humorous, and true, blog post about how technology can derail our efforts at managing our time and getting our work done.