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Access for All

Assistive Technology 101  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web
Overview from the Family Center on Technology and Disability.

Assistive Technology Act  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web
Overview of this legislation, which is aimed at helping people with disabilities participate more fully in education, employment and daily activities. Includes definitions and links to additional resources.

Center on Technology and Disability  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web
Provides a large online library of resources on assistive and instructional technology.

Family Information Guide to Assistive Technology and Transition Planning  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web
Provided to help students and families plan how to move successfully from school to adult life with continued access to necessary technology aids.

National Center on Accessible Educational Materials  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web
Web resource for educators, parents, and others interested in learning about and implementing AEM (a component of IDEA) and NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard).