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Disability Awareness

 New to Disability? Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web
Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) webpage that provides a quick roadmap for those whose lives have been touched by a child’s disability.

You Are Not Alone   Oficina-PDF-icon 24px.png .pdf

Written by a parent to other parents to describe feelings and reactions that go along with finding out their child has a disability. 

Categories of Diverse Disabilities Oficina-PDF-icon 24px.png .pdf
Explanations of terms often used in special education, disability rights and medical literature to describe various groups of disabilities.

Access and Opportunities: A Guide to Disability Awareness  Oficina-PDF-icon 24px.png .pdf 

Informational tool to increase understanding of disability issues, clarify myths and facts, and provide tips for social etiquette and positive interactions. 

It’s the Person First Oficina-PDF-icon 24px.png .pdf
Tip sheet describing language that emphasizes who a person is instead of his or her disability.

Disability Etiquette  Oficina-PDF-icon 24px.png .pdf

Information sheet offering things to keep in mind when interacting with people with disabilities.

State Agencies Addressing Disabilities Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web

Explains various types of state agencies and provides guidance in locating resources relevant to particular family needs.

Rare Disorders  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web
Helpful resources related to rare diseases and conditions.

Multiple disabilities  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web

Information to increase understanding about the implications of multiple disabilities, including definitions, resources and tips. 

History of disability in brief Oficina-PDF-icon 24px.png .pdf

Three-page overview of events and attitudes tracing back to ancient times. 

Disability History: An Important Part of America’s Heritage  Oficina-DOC-icon 24px.png .doc

Four page document focused on employment policy

Important Dates in the Disability Rights Movement  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web

Important events dating back to 1817.

Trainer Notes: Understanding Disability Activities Oficina-DOC-icon 24px.png .doc

Instructions for the following three activities.

1.     Disability History Museum  Oficina-HTML2-icon 24px.png web
An online library of images, texts, and other artifacts related to disability history. Materials represent all disability categories across the life span and have been collected to expand knowledge and understanding about the history of people with disabilities in the U.S. Includes activities and lesson plans.

2.     Tell Us About Your Child Oficina-DOC-icon 24px.png .doc

Worksheet to introduce a child with deaf-blindness to other parents; can be adapted for other disabilities

3.     Etiology Research  Oficina-DOC-icon 24px.png .doc

Worksheet for partnering with another family member to explore an unfamiliar diagnosis or condition